Today the Commission has admitted that Spain has for this year 8% deficit when we are required 4%. And there will be no reprisals. And the truth is that I do not think Germany has lived in austerity, it has continued to invest in capital goods and investment but rather the rest has gone to these austerity measures, thinking that there was no more money to spend or to lending to banks. And because there is no fiscal union. Austerity seems a neutral value but not is completely. This is like the Kantian metaphor of the people of the demons, who prefer cooperation to conflict, provided they were understanding. You forget that there is another resource, in addition to the physical and human resources, which is the social capital, which can be taken as well, like a physical and human capital, social capital is the only thing that can create a real democracy, to lay the foundations of an economy in the fullest sense. An unjust society is not efficient even at the end, since justice, valuable in itself, is also a “tool” to optimize physical and human resources, it provides greater cohesion to a society than opposite. Austerity indeed can be avoided with a kind of art associations.



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